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The scope and characteristics of electric wheelchairs.


Scope of application
There are many types of wheelchairs currently on the market. According to the materials, they can be divided into aluminum alloys, light materials and steel. For example, they can be divided into ordinary wheelchairs and special wheelchairs. Special wheelchairs can be divided into:

Recreational sports wheelchair series, electronic wheelchair series, seat side wheelchair series, standing wheelchair series, etc.

Ordinary wheelchair: It is mainly composed of a wheelchair frame, wheels, brakes and other devices. Scope of application: Disabled lower limbs, hemiplegia, people with paraplegia below the chest, and elderly people with limited mobility.

The patient can operate the fixed armrest or the detachable armrest. The fixed footrest or the detachable footrest can be folded when carried or not used. According to the model and price, it can be divided into: hard seat, soft seat, pneumatic tire or solid core Tyres, among them: wheelchairs with fixed armrests and fixed footrests are cheaper.

Special type wheelchair: mainly because it has relatively complete functions. It is not only a tool for the disabled and people with limited mobility, but also has other functions.

High-back reclining wheelchair Applicable scope:
High-level paraplegia and the elderly, frail and sickly

1. The backrest of the reclining wheelchair is as high as the occupant's head. The detachable armrest and the turnbuckle footrest, the pedal can be raised and lowered and rotated by 90 degrees, and the bracket can be adjusted to a horizontal position.

 2. The angle of the backrest can be adjusted in sections or it can be adjusted to the level (equivalent to a bed) in a stepless manner. The user can rest in a wheelchair. The headrest can also be removed. Electric wheelchair scope of application: for people with high paraplegia or hemiplegia but with one-handed control ability.

The electric wheelchair is powered by a battery, and has a continuous travel capacity of about 20 kilometers on a single charge. It has a one-handed control device that can forward, reverse and turn, and can be used indoors and outdoors. The price is higher.