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Precautions for electric medical beds.


1. Before using the multifunctional electric medical bed, first check whether the power cord is firmly connected. Whether the controller cable is reliable.

2. The wire and power cord of the linear actuator of the controller shall not be placed between the lifting link and the upper and lower bed frames to prevent the wires from being cut and causing personal equipment accidents.

3. After the backplane is raised, the patient lies on the panel and is not allowed to push.

4. People cannot stand on the bed and jump. When the backboard is raised, people sitting on the backboard and standing on the bed panel are not allowed to push.

5. After the universal wheel is braked, it is not allowed to push or move, it can only move after releasing the brake.

6. Horizontal implementation is not allowed to avoid damage to the lifting guardrail.

7. Uneven road surface cannot be implemented to prevent damage to the universal wheel of the multifunctional electric medical bed.

8. When using the controller, the buttons on the control panel can only be pressed one by one to complete the action. It is not allowed to press more than two buttons at the same time to operate the multifunctional electric medical bed, so as to avoid malfunctions and endanger the safety of patients.

9. When the multifunctional electric medical bed needs to be moved, the power plug must be unplugged, and the power controller line must be wound before it can be pushed.

10. When the multifunctional electric medical bed needs to be moved, the lifting guardrail should be lifted to prevent the patient from falling and being injured during the movement. When the electric bed is moving, two people must operate it at the same time to avoid losing control of the direction during the implementation process, causing damage to the structural parts and endangering the health of the patients.