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What are the professional knowledge points of five-function electric hospital beds?


The five-function electric hospital bed is a specialized bed used in medical institutions or home care that has multiple functions to meet the needs of patients. The following are some professional knowledge points related to five-function electric hospital beds:

Electric adjustment function: The five-function electric hospital bed can perform height adjustment, back lifting, leg lifting, knee bending and bed tilting through the electric drive system to meet the different postures and comfort needs of patients.

Safety design: Five-function electric hospital beds are usually equipped with safety fences, anti-slip bed surfaces, emergency stop buttons and other safety designs to ensure patient safety during use.

Transfer and mobile functions: Five-function electric hospital beds usually have wheels to facilitate the transfer and movement of the bed, making it easier for patients to carry out bed activities or transfer from one place to another.

Ventilation and breathability: The mattress of a five-function electric hospital bed usually uses breathable materials to provide good ventilation performance and reduce the discomfort and skin problems caused by patients lying down for a long time.

Auxiliary facilities: The five-function electric hospital bed can also be equipped with some auxiliary facilities, such as nursing handles, infusion poles, storage drawers, etc., to provide a more convenient nursing and living environment.

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