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The use process of electric hospital bed


An electric hospital bed is a bed device used to provide patient comfort and convenience. The following is the general procedure for using an electric hospital bed:

Preparation: Verify that the bed is in good condition and has no faults or damage. Check that the mattress and sheets are clean and tidy. Make sure necessary medical supplies and equipment are available at the bedside.

Adjust the height: Use the electric control buttons on the hospital bed to adjust the height of the bed to facilitate patients entering or leaving the bed and to meet the work needs of medical staff.

Adjust the angle of the bed back: According to the patient's needs and comfort, use the electric control button to adjust the angle of the bed back, allowing the patient to sit up or lie down.

Adjust the leg angle: If needed, use the electric control buttons to adjust the bed's leg angle to provide better patient support or lying position.

Use safety settings: Make sure the bed's safety settings, such as bed rails, wheel locks, etc., are properly enabled to prevent the patient from accidentally slipping or moving.

Reposition the patient regularly: Reposition the patient regularly as needed to avoid pressure sores or discomfort caused by prolonged immobilization.

Pay attention to observation: During the use of electric hospital beds, medical staff should always observe, pay attention to the patient's comfort and safety, and make timely adjustments or provide assistance.

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