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The function of the three function medical bed


A three-function medical bed is a medical device that provides the functions of bed position, position adjustment and convenience. It is usually used in hospitals, nursing homes, community health service centers and other medical institutions to provide patients with a comfortable sleeping environment and facilitate medical staff to perform nursing operations.
The three-function medical bed mainly has the following three functions:
Bed lifting function: The medical bed can realize the lifting of the bed surface through motor or manual operation, so as to meet the needs of patients' comfort and medical staff's operation.
Position adjustment function: The medical bed can meet the physical needs of different patients by adjusting the back of the bed, the angle of the knee joint, and the height of the head.
Convenience function: The medical bed can also be equipped with various facilities such as bedpan, wheelchair, crutch support, guardrail, etc., which is convenient for the life of patients and the operation of medical staff.

The advantages of the three-function medical bed are its stable structure, convenient operation, and complete functions, which can greatly improve the work efficiency of the hospital and the work quality of medical staff, so as to better meet the needs of patients. At the same time, the medical bed also has a lifting function with safety insurance and angle-adjustable armrests to ensure the safety of patients during use.