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Electric hospital bed features


Compared with the traditional manual bed, the electric hospital bed has the following characteristics:
Electrification, automation, and intelligence: Electric medical beds have moved from purely mechanical to electrification, automation, and intelligence. Microcomputer technology has been integrated into the field of nursing beds, which can provide comprehensive care for patients.
Multifunctional: The multifunctional nursing bed is the product of digitization, intelligence and networking of ordinary nursing beds, covering robot structure design and simulation, ergonomics, environmental perception and obstacle avoidance, pattern recognition, human-computer interaction, multimodal Interactive technology, control technology, etc., can be applied to homes, community services, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, hospitals and other places.
Enhanced health function: The multifunctional nursing bed not only solves the daily nursing needs, but also increases the health function, which can help patients recover their motor function, better adapt to life, and enjoy the fun of life.

Improved Patient Safety and Satisfaction: Electric hospital beds are designed to improve patient safety and satisfaction.

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